For reasons that are not known, for a very long time now there has been a social stigma that has been associated with sex toys when it comes to men. While it is no big deal when women talk about sex toys, for instance, women can have an open talk about their vibrators, take an instance where a man is spotted carrying a pocket pussy, it will not only be regarded as against the norm but bizarre.

But due to the advancement of technology, and the liberalization of today’s man, many sex toys have been manufactured. There is a variety of them out there, to the extent that they can be confusing to an individual who is new to the sex toy world. Below, we highlight some types of sex toys for men.


cock ringCock Rings

This can be regarded as one of the most common men sex toys available. This is some ring that is made in a way that it fits on the base of a man’s penis. One of the fundamental roles that the cock ring plays is considering delaying a man’s ejaculation so that one has some more minutes in the sack leading to more pleasure on the female partner. This particular sex toy can be recommended to those men who have erectile dysfunction, as they can help them deal with that problem leading to one gaining back their confidence. But it should be noted that majority of individual or men who use this rings, do not do it because they have erectile dysfunction, but since they want to achieve an increased penal size and their sexual performance.

This toy is also a favorite with the female partners as it considerably increases the size of one’s penis leading to maximum satisfaction. Additionally, a majority of cock rings come with a vibrating nub at their base, which rubs against the clit with each trust leading to sex becoming even more enjoyable.

sex dollLove Dolls

These particular ones are associated with bachelor parties. In the past, they used to be inflatable dolls, but with the improvement in technology, they are very detailed of late. Most of them are made out of a material that is more of a Sil-A-Gel that makes them feel as though they where real humans. You will also realize that some of them are modeled to resemble some woman celebrities.



This might come as a surprise to you, but it is true that most men are experts when it comes to masturbating. Thus it, therefore, becomes obvious that experts and designers have come up with toys and devices that can do a better job in helping one masturbate more than bare hands can do. These toys are commonly referred to as stockers, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Penis Pumps and Enlargers

Even though not all men will like to admit this, most of the men around will like to add an inch or two to their manhood. One way that you can achieve this is either by the use of a pump or enlarger. Buy the use of them you can easily increase not only the length of your penis but also that of the circumference.