How to Enjoy Your Sex Life

Sex life is one of the most important aspects of life. A dull sex life leads to stress which later develops into other dangerous diseases. You may be this prominent, successful businessman on the street. But in your bedroom is the worst place you ever step your foot in. Bedroom matters are kept private by many people. Not everyone is willing to share his bedroom matters. There was a great achievement when people started introducing Kamasutra guides on how to live a happy sex life. This is what the guides say about living a happy sex life.


vegetableEat Healthily

Always have a balanced diet. Some people are unable to enjoy sex because they don’t take a good diet. Depending on whether you are a man or woman, you will require eating a specific combination of diets. For a man, one will need to take a lot of water. 95% of sperms are made of water. The fluid that carries the sperms is also comprised of over 95% water. Without enough water, a man will produce less sperm than the normal expected rate. In medical term, this condition is termed low sperm count. Don’t think of big things that may be leading to unhappy sex, start small by what you eat. For a woman, one needs to take a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are helpful and ensures that the woman body has enough iron. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. The virginal fluid must be replaced. Men are advised to take a high amount of protein foods. Proteins are bodybuilding foods. They help in the formation of sperms and well as the repair of damaged reproduction parts.


Try Different Sex Position

Kamasutra is one of the well-known sex guides from ancient times. Many people perhaps have tried only two sex position. The missionary is the most common sex position for many couples. It originated from the missionary time while those that spread the word of God insisted the man on top position was the only acceptable way to have sex. Thus the name missionary position. There are other hundreds of sex position a couple can try out. Some positions are good for men with a small penis as they make things tight. Some positions are appropriate when either or both parties are overweight or during pregnancy. Add the flavor and the excitement of sex by trying out new styles. You must not be prone at the first stages but trust me, and practice makes perfect. Just have the desire and make sure your partner is will to try something new.


make outsBe Faithful to Your Partner

The whole sex experience is controlled by the brain. Never give your partner a chance to doubt you. Always look forward to having a good relationship with your wife. Once there is miss trust between either party, the bedroom will be a jail for you. Always remind your partner that you love her or him all the times. Don’t wait until it’s his birthday. With good relation between either party, sex will be an automatically enjoy activity.…

How to Reach a Woman Climax

You probably have read thousands of guides and article about how to make your woman happy in bed. There are numerous myths and misconception about the female organism. The male organism is easy and comes fast. A female body is not created to reach climax quickly. One has to build the pressure until the body reaches climax. Some woman can use organs by penetration only. If you are this kind of a woman, you are lucky. This is a guide on how to reach a woman climax.

woman licking man's body Find a Relaxed Environment

The first thing is to find a quiet and a cool environment. Women are shy in bed. They often want to be alone during sex. The feeling that another person might come in the sex environment makes a woman nervous. 99% of the woman will not experience an organism if they are nervous. Find a quiet room and lock the door. Send the children out to play. Make sure your mobile phone is switched off. The idea is to minimize any intervention. Ask her what her best music is. Put the music in the background. Music serves two purposes: one it helps a woman to relax. There is no good feeling as sex excited about a person’s best music. On top of that, there is this saying in many woman conversation that I hate mourning in sign language’. Sex is not a silent affair. Both parties must have the conducive environment to moan when they cannot hold the pressure. Music helps both parties morn confidently as no one will hear o suspect what is going on.


60% of humanity cannot reach organism by penetration alone. Woman require massive foreplay before penetration. Foreplay prepares the body mentally and psychologically. It puts both parties in the feeling of having sex. The brain is the engine of the whole process. Start with slow but sure movements. Touch her hands slowly as if nothing is going to happen. This will make her feel confident around you. Don’t be shy. Drive and lead the whole affair. Take care of her sensitive body parts. Women have a specif erotic zone that must be touched if climaxing is the goal. Start with the moral kisses. Do deep and deeper with the kisses. By this time should be sited and ready to lie down. Kiss her around the neck. The back of the neck and the area around the ears are very sensitive parts of every woman. At this time start to unclothe her from the top. Start with the browse or the shirts. Don’t touch the bra. Unclothe all the cloth and leave the bra and the innerwear intact. Unclothe your clothes and look at her eyes. You should be feeling the connection y know. The game is now. The target is an organism.

black braPenetration

Penetration should be the last thing to think of. Before penetration is sure to leak your woman. Touch the outside of the vagina and the valve. Use your finger to ensure that she is completely wet. When you are convinced that the time is right, be sure to get in there. Start with shallow penetration and end up with deep penetration. Try some styles. She will never forget you.…