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support-groupThe Fresno LGBT Community Center is an available space for local social and support groups. There is no charge for this service. You provide us with a legitimate plan for a new group (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc) and we provide you with space and time for the group. You are the facilitator, we are the host.

Do you have an idea for a group or program that you would like to see at the Fresno LGBT Community Center? Would you like to join our staff as a Group/Program Facilitator?

If so, please contact us at to get started!

 Role of the Group/Program facilitator

  • Submits a New Group / Program Request form to the Program Coordinator. *Kayleia will get you this form and be happy to help you fill it out*
  • Submits a Key Request form to the Program Coordinator.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the program to set up. Stays afterwards to clean up, put away chairs, take out trash, etc.
  • Is responsible for Center key and has filled out all paperwork as required by GCV.
  • Interfaces with the Program Coordinator to provide feedback, status, etc for the program. (The check in for monthly events is once a month. The check in for weekly events is twice a month.)
  • Turns in any donations, dues, or monetary support collected during the program to the Program Coordinator.
  • Contacts the Program Coordinator IMMEDIATELY if there is a problem, a scheduling conflict, etc.
  • Helps with promotion of program via distribution of fliers, etc. as needed.

To proceed please contact Kayleia Southard at

We are currently closed Sundays & Mondays & Wednesdays

1067 N Fulton Ave
Fresno, CA 93728
You can reach us at 559-325-4429.

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